Capitalizing on Momentum

Key industrial stakeholders, leading subject matter experts, and policy makers have come together through I3 to focus on innovative processes, policy development and advocacy, and breakthrough technologies to guide industrial decarbonization at the state, regional, and federal levels.


I3 has developed a Federal and State Policy Blueprint outlining recommendations and strategies for advancing technology demonstrations, infrastructure deployment, public and private procurement, and other efforts to drive industrial decarbonization. See the initiative’s fact sheet, for these recommendations at a glance.

GPI’s Carbon and Hydrogen Hubs Atlas

GPI published an Atlas of Carbon and Hydrogen Hubs in February, 2022, based on analysis of United States industrial activity, emissions, and fuel combustion. This atlas considers geologic storage potential, current hydrogen production, industrial concentration, and many other factors that provide opportunities for siting carbon dioxide removal, carbon capture retrofit, and new zero-carbon hydrogen production.

Economic Recovery Recommendations

In response to the unexpected and unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, I3 participants identified eight priority recommendations for congressional economic recovery legislation that would stimulate near-term economic activity while putting American industry on a long-term path towards deep emissions reductions.


I3 has developed several factsheets highlighting the policy priorities supported by participants.

Letters of Support

I3 participants have developed letters to congressional leadership advocating for comprehensive policies, research, and funding that builds momentum for industrial decarbonization at scale. Legislative priorities supported by participants of I3 have included: