Carbon Action Alliance Launches to Spur Carbon Reduction Efforts Nationwide

OCTOBER 26, 2022, NEW ORLEANS—The Great Plains Institute today launched the Carbon Action Alliance, a new initiative to align and grow a network of government, industry, labor, environmental, and community partners to work together toward a common goal of achieving economywide deployment of carbon management and industrial decarbonization technologies in the United States to achieve net-zero emissions by midcentury.

The Carbon Action Alliance’s work is guided by and will align the advocacy platforms and policy positions of three partner initiatives also convened by the Great Plains Institute: Carbon Capture Coalition, Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative, and the Industrial Innovation Initiative.

While those existing initiatives primarily focus on convening experts and building consensus around bipartisan policies, the Carbon Action Alliance will inform the public and otherwise connect local communities with those who have been working toward economywide adoption of carbon management and industrial decarbonization technologies. It will be the nation’s first integrated federal and state advocacy network for public action on carbon management at federal, state, and regional levels.

The alliance’s education and advocacy platform will involve a range of technologies that capture carbon emissions from facilities or the atmosphere and transport them for permanent storage or conversion. The Carbon Action Alliance will also help to advance opportunities in clean procurement and hydrogen technologies and use.

Read the full Press Release here.

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