State Best Practices – Hydrogen

I3 developed a State Best Practices Guide for Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector in December 2022, pairing state-level policy recommendations with real-world examples of state legislation in use or under consideration across the United States. This unique pairing is intended to aid state decision makers and advocates seeking to cut emissions from essential industrial sectors such as cement, steel, and chemicals by providing a starting point for policy development and state planning.

The guide can be used in its entirety or as modules, should a state be particularly focused on an individual technology or policy. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, carbon management, clean hydrogen, low-carbon procurement, electrification, and efficiency policies cut across industrial sectors and can be mixed and matched to greatly reduce a state’s industrial emissions. Additionally, cohesive state planning that emphasizes community engagement and impact, along with labor and workforce development considerations are critical components of any comprehensive plan to decarbonize a state.

View the modules here:

State Best Practices – Hydrogen

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