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New Report from an Industry-NGO-Labor Partnership Outlines Key Federal and State Recommendations for Actions to Support Decarbonization by Midcentury

Midcontinent Industrial Emissions Present Challenge & Opportunity

Industry is the third highest-emitting sector in the US economy and has less obvious carbon reduction pathways in comparison to electricity and transportation, where the vast majority of decarbonization discussions have focused. This post introduces the current landscape of emissions in the US industrial heartland, the Midcontinent region, to inform discussions of carbon reduction pathways. […]

Regional Industrial Initiative Releases Federal Policy Recommendations for U.S. Economic Recovery and Long-Term Emissions Reductions in American Industry

(Washington, D.C.) – The Industrial Innovation Initiative, an ambitious coalition of key industrial and power companies, environmental organizations, and state officials from Midwestern and Gulf Coast states focused on decarbonization solutions for the region’s most important industrial sectors, submitted recommendations to Congress today outlining measures for consideration in COVID-19-related federal economic recovery legislation. “The industrial […]