Department of Energy Announces First Round of Hydrogen Hub Awards 

The Industrial Innovation Initiative (I3) released the following statement today regarding the Department of Energy’s announcement that seven hydrogen hubs were selected to receive a total of $7 billion under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program. This statement may be attributed to David Soll, Industrial Decarbonization Manager at the Great Plains Institute:

“Today’s selection of seven regional hubs by the Department of Energy marks an important milestone on the path to a net-zero economy. These awards will catalyze clean hydrogen production, an essential component in decarbonizing American industry.

The Landscape of Clean Hydrogen: An Outlook for Industrial Hubs in the United States, a report released by I and Carbon Solutions in May, underscores the critical role that clean hydrogen will play in reducing emissions across the economy. Facilities can substitute hydrogen for fossil fuels to generate the heat required for a variety of industrial processes. In addition, hydrogen can serve as a feedstock in chemical and steel production. Clean hydrogen can also be stored to bolster the electrical grid when renewable sources are in short supply.  

These regional hubs will anchor a national clean hydrogen network that will foster a market-driven approach to industrial decarbonization – one that I3’s diverse coalition of industry and power companies, environmental and non-governmental organizations, and labor unions is working to advance.”


The Industrial Innovation Initiative (I3) is an ambitious coalition that aims to drive emissions reductions through policy change, supporting quality jobs and investment in key U.S. industrial sectors.  I3 builds on years of stakeholder engagement and work with state officials in the Midcontinent region, as well as extensive work advancing decarbonization solutions important to the industrial sector.